Friday, 27 January 2012

Hi, welcome to my blog. Here’s a little bit about myself.

I discovered I was addicted to the paranormal when I was quite young - I blame it on the super heroes. Damn you, Wonder Woman! That passion led me to a love for the art of telling stories - the theater, movies, novels, comic books - then ultimately a bachelor’s degree in the Performing Arts. 
It wasn't very cool to work my ass off for no money, though, so I had to eventually forsake my passion for a traditional career to pay my bills. 
It was my mother who got me into writing. I call her “my catalyst” – she’s always been the one to say, “Why not? Go for it!”
So, I did. I traveled the world, lived in different continents, experienced amazing cultures, and met several great people. One of them was my husband. We fell in love instantly and moved in together after mere two weeks into our relationship. But as we all know - passion has a very bright but short blaze. After a few years, I found myself still loving him, but not wanting him as much as I used to. Around that time I started devouring at least two paranormal romances per month.  And, what do you know - my marriage went back into full swing again.   
A few months later, I started a project with my mom – did I mention she’s a fantastic writer? Yep, she is.  While working with her, I came across a few literary agents that were actively looking for new paranormal romance writers. But when I suggested it to my mother, she came back with – “Paranormal is not my thing, but why don’t you write a novel?”
“Yeah, why don’t I?”
It wasn’t easy but after years translating other people’s work and devouring paranormal romances, I felt ready to put my passion into words and start my first novel, Dragon Heat – Book One, in 2010. Today, my Dragon Heat series has five books, three of which won awards, and I'm working on a new series.  
I hope you enjoy your read and that my books inspire you to get out there and dare, the same way the novels I read inspired me.

By Apa Dobrý, go for it!



  1. Hi,Ella J Phoenix. Cool. I just loved Dragon Heat and the cover is really hot. A really page turner.

    1. Thanks, Rita. I'm glad you liked it. The sequel is on its way. :O)

  2. I loved the 4 dragon heat books but i have to ask is there a fifth one?

  3. Í Líké Thé Wåy Yøü Wríté Bøøk ��
    Í Wísh Yøü Wíñ Award
    Gøød Lück.